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Monday, May 11, 2009

Annie Duke fired !

What a grand finale for the Celebrity Apprentice!

Annie Duke's first words after the last boardroom :

"I know people are wondering how I could go from saying I respected Joan in the last boardroom to the private interview where I said she was not a nice person and she had made the fight personal for me. I am aware it seemed like a weird juxtaposition from the boardroom to the final private interview last episode but here is what happened in between. I tried to extend some sort of “good game” to Joan. Just tell her I respected her for getting to the final two. And the video below is what a got in return. I particularly love where she says “I won’t allow America to hear it.” Makes that last interview of mine make more sense, I think."

Throughout the second season of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice the rivalry between poker pro Annie Duke and comedian Joan Rivers was heated to say the least. So it was only fitting that those two contestants go head-to-head in the final episode to determine who Donald Trump would name his “celebrity apprentice”.

The three-hour season finale had the two contestants each working on creating an event and auction for people attending a Cirque de Soleil show. Duke and Rivers were each given a team of recently fired contestants to help them with the task. During the task the design firm that both Duke and Rivers were too use quit after finding Rivers too difficult to work with.

Despite raising nearly three times as much money for charity during the final task Duke was fired after Trump chose the 75 year old Rivers as his second celebrity apprentice. During the season Rivers had compared Duke to Adolf Hitler and made numerous disparaging comments about poker players in general.

As the winner Rivers was awarded $250,000 for the charity she was playing for.

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