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Thursday, September 06, 2007

High stakes Poker is back !

As you can see this is one of my favorite shows to come out of the poker boom. How can you not love a show where you get to see Daniel Negreanu push all-in for a million dollars of his own money?

There's something really enjoyable about watching the best of the best together and seeing how they get along -- or don't. In one episode Todd Brunson basically says that Sean Sheikhan can't play and will lose all his money soon -- and Brunson is going to enjoy that -- for instance.

I also enjoy how players come and go throughout the episodes, so while there's a continuity in the players that stay from show to show, there's a fresh element each episode too, and you can see how the dynamic of the game changes as the lineup does. There's also just something very unique and exciting about watching people play with hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money that can't be beat.

I ll let you enjoy another part from this amazing poker show !

Tonight players : Brian Brandon, Todd Brunson, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Laak, Mike Matusow, Antonio Solario and Haralabus Voulgaris .

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